About KLC Scholarships

The Kimberly L. Cates Memorial Scholarship is awarded to high school seniors who live in Amherst and Mont Vernon, New Hampshire and will be pursuing post-secondary education in the field of medicine/health care.

Students enrolled in either public or private schools, as well as, home schooled students are eligible to apply. To apply, submit a completed application, an official school transcript, and a 250-500 word essay on a separate sheet of paper, stapled to your scholarship application, answering the essential question:

First Experiences can be defining. Explain a first experience that you have had, its impact on you and how it has influenced you to pursue a career in the healthcare system. What medical specialty would you make the focus of your career? Is there someone who encouraaged you or an event in your life that sparked your interest in the medical field?

Deadline for essays and applications is April 1st of the year of your HS graduation. If you attend Souhegan High School, please submit your application & essay to Student Services, all others should submit their application, transcript, and essay to the Souhegan Scholarship Foundation, PO Box 451, Mont Vernon, NH 03037.

Scholarships will be awarded based on three criteria: 1.) Need; 2.) Clear goals and initiative demonstrated through academic career, essay and interview; 3.) Grade Point Average.

Award finalists and scholarship amounts will be determined by a panel from the Kimberly L. Cates Memorial Scholarship Fund in May. Recipients will receive notice that they have been awarded the scholarship at their high school's annual awards ceremony.

Once notified of their award, scholarship recipients can receive their disbursement check by sending a copy of their fall tuition bill along with their name, address, and phone number to the Souhegan Scholarship Foundation, PO Box 451, Mont Vernon, NH 03037.

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